With 100% of precincts counted, Measure O fails.                                        Board of Directors just wasted half a million dollars of taxpayer money on this election.                                        Criminal complaints against the district will continue to be pursued.                                        Criminal and FPPC complaints against the Astro-Turfers will continue to be pursued.                                        Your property taxes based on indebtedness will now go down, as they should.                                        

You're Not Alone -- Join Us in Endorsing

Besides the ballot argument signers, there are a silent majority of people who oppose the slush fund that the Board wants to get its hands on. It's all for the kids, of course, under the guise of a bond that, the Board claims will fix all the neglect it's overseen for many years.

People are silent for fear of the personal attacks that come from speaking out against anything backed by public employee unions because of the long history of nasty tactics that those unions employ. Mostly the public unions are just paper tigers -- lots of bluff and bluster.

Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA, CA, jjron 22.03.2012 by jjron - Own work; stitched panorama from seven original images. Licensed under GFDL 1.2 via Commons
New Music Building at Diamond Bar High School?

If you believe Cindy Ruiz, the measure includes a "new music building" (also known as, Walt Disney Concert Hall East), that will likely cost $25 million to build ($75 million in taxes to pay for). Try to find "new music building" in the text of the measure in your sample ballot.

"I was once on the WVBOC for 5 years and it is told after the fact where all the money goes by a CPA firm."
Paul Cockrell

If you still believe the bald-faced lie that there is any oversight as to how the money is spent, heed the words of a former oversight committee member to disabuse yourself of that belief.

If you'd like to add your support to Oh No! On "O" movement, please do so here(<--Click).


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